Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inside of Village Home

This an inside shot of what Village home #3 looked like on the inside.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home #3~ FAVORITE picture!!

Okay, it does not get any better than this!!!! What a great photo!!!! The older brother riding a bicycle that is MUCH too big for him, toting the baby brother on the back of the bike (and the baby brother has on no pants~~shirt only!!


Home #3 Village Children

I love these pictures!! Precious innocent children......

Home #3

So the children of Shelter of Love climbed the guava tree and picked lots of guavas for eating!! I tried, but it was a bit hard and seedy......PE and Baby Girl enjoyed!!! Most of the children hung out under the house during the visit. I went under there and was surprised how COOL it was under there!!! Nice and breezy too!!! SO THAT'S WHY Cambodians all sit under their houses!!! Ok, now I get it~~I have experienced it.

Before leaving, the group formed a big circle and we all sung some songs, as the village children came to see what was going on!!!!

Village #3 Home

So now the last village to visit......this was the home of a bother, Jun Tu (Ellis' good friend), 13 years old, and his sister,15 years old. I was invited to go inside this house, along with the house parents, and sit on the floor and talk (really listened, since I don't understand Khmer!!!) with the mother. Notice in the pictures that the inside floor is just strips of bamboo placed together. The only items this mother had in her home was her bicycle and some cooking items like pots, pans, etc. There were several family photographs attached to the walls of the home, and I did spot some broken pieces of mirrors she had displayed I guess so she could look at herself! And I did spot a comb and brush. That was it.

I was surprised to see that neither Jun Tu or his sister did not run up to hug their mother, who they had not seen since last summer!! In fact, Jun Tu came in the house for a short time when I was sitting in there, but he never made eye contact with his mother or even spoke to her!! I found that so strange and my heart felt funny. I asked Jun Tu's house mother about this. She said, "The Cambodians do not hug much. They don't show affection. Maybe he doesn't feel close to his mother." I felt so sad for the mother and for Jun Tu when I heard this!! I wonder if he feels his mother does not love him, since she gave him up five years ago? Wonder what he thinks of his mother? Wonder if Jun Tu knows what it feels like to be loved? Oh this worries me so much! I can not imagine not feeling like you are loved by your mother!! I have talked to Americans who have experienced the feeling of not being loved by their mothers, and it is TERRIBLE!!!! What a hurtful feeling...... On the other hand, Jun Tu may not have these feelings at all!!!! Maybe I will try to talk to him about it.......(he really does not speak English!!!). Hmmmmmm.......

Now Jun Tu's sister did talk with her mother briefly. I watched her as she walked around the inside of the small house. She looked at few pictures that were clipped on the walls made of palm fronds. Then she looked in some of the pots in the kitchen to see if there was anything in them.......again my heart ached as I thought of times when I had been away from home as a teenager (like when spending the night at a friend's house, or going off to summer camp), and I remember when I came home, my parents were always so glad to see me!! They would prepare my favorite dinner and my mom would have even prepared a cake or cookies!!

Do the children at Shelter of Love feel unwanted or alone? Or does the good life they live there at the Shelter erase those feelings? They are provided with a safe place to live with brothers and sisters who love each other, and plenty of food to eat, and an education through the college years!! But I just can't help but wonder their true feelings inside their heart..........

Praying Mantis

Baby Girl is following in her big sister's footsteps, loving animals of all sorts!! She found this Praying Mantis and played with it for quite a while. Funny, the Cambodian children from Shelter of Love did not want to TOUCH the Praying Mantis!!!

Pictures of Village #2

Here are some pictures of the visit to Village #2. Notice the beautiful banana trees!